mission someday: Finally Realized

text art, book arts, "mission someday" mission someday: finally realized

I’ve been carrying around this text fragment (along with many others) for a very long time. I used to use bits of text for artists’ books, but some words I set aside. A few years ago, and for some reason during a move, mission someday migrated from the tiny tin box it used to live in to my nightstand, where I’ve become used to seeing it every night when I set the alarm clock. Somehow, it applies to this undertaking.

What is this undertaking?

Not sure yet, but it has its beginnings in this (A Recreation, 2011, necklace; rigatoni and yarn). . .

Rebbecca Tomas recreates her first necklace of rigatoni & red yarn, first made in kindergarten

. . .which is a recreation of my very first piece of jewelry, made in kindergarten. I couldn’t wait to get this home to show my mom.

Back to this undertaking. . .

Making art is a solitary pursuit, which I find agreeable much of the time. Long stretches of quiet thinking and focused working offer, among other things, a break from the noise of the world. But I am also deeply curious about other people and how they’ve chosen to live their lives. Seattle Maker is a hybrid of art, writing, and what I learn from others who take a moment to share what they think and do.