Wonderland (Day Job)

Wonder Bread signage

I am working on my first Seattle Maker interview (with a generous, intrepid coworker), and it seems l ought to mention my day job right about now–since it is so interwoven into my life, and therefore and inevitably into this blog.

I run the jewelry program at Pratt Fine Arts Center (the “campus” is comprised of one very old Parks & Rec building, and two possibly even older ex-Wonder Bread buildings–hence the above image, a sign we’re too sentimental to discard). I also teach classes and workshops there, in etching and in enameling primarily. Most of the people I know in Seattle I’ve met through Pratt. It was one of the first places I connected with after moving here. Much of the time I’ve spent in Seattle has been spent at Pratt–working, teaching, taking classes, attending events, or using one of the studios.

I doubt there is a way to separate my work life from my art life or from this blog (the copper sulphate crystals image from the last blog entry was taken at work). Everything is related.

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  1. Oh Rebbecca, What a wonderful start. Your writing skills are so effective and treatment of subject matter so pleasing I can hardly wait for you next blogation. Who Knew!

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