Everyday Adornment Matters

Tom, before his 2-hour commute home

This is Tom. I met him this afternoon at the bus stop. I liked how nonchalantly he was resting against the shelter, and I couldn’t help but notice his jewelry–substantial! One of the best parts of living in a city is taking in the mix of people and styles, especially when it comes to adornment.

Here’s what Tom had to say about the jewelry he was wearing. . .

The ring on his right hand is a gift from his wife commemorating 40 years spent together. (They’ll be celebrating their 50th anniversary in November!) You can’t see it in the photo, but its top is covered in leaves of different (guessing here) alloys/colors of gold.

That boxy ring on his left hand is his wedding ring (not his original). This ring has diamonds from the original, plus additional ones given to him by his children over the years. Nice kids!

His bracelets represent trips taken to Mexico and Hawaii.

Every piece of jewelry he was wearing had a story or a meaning behind it. Most of us do this–create or layer personal meaning that adds sentimental value (usually known only by us and some who know us) that often exceeds the material value of the piece. I am really interested in that moment when an object transcends its beginnings to become super-charged like this.

Tomorrow, a story about a super-charged ladybug from my childhood. While not a piece of jewelry, it was definitely imbued with a subjective “something more”. . .