Hands-On at Pratt

Yesterday, my friend Paul and I taught a Hands-On event in the Jewelry/Metals studio, a fast and fun introduction to metal. Our job was to guide patrons through the making of their own hand-stamped holiday gift tag, ornament, pendant, or whatever else one might create from a pre-stamped circle of brass and access to the studio’s equipment and tools—we were open to anything!

We decided we’d “tag-team” it, taking turns taking on students as they arrived throughout the night, and this worked fairly well. It was a bit of a challenge to get everyone going at staggered times, and then return to tutor them on the next step right as they were ready. Luckily, people were relaxed and happy to be hanging out in the studio, and before I knew it, we were helping the last person patina and wax her finished pieces.

I really enjoy teaching and the opportunity it provides to meet so many different people. And I love how, whether you prepare in depth for a class or plan on keeping things loose for something like the above event, you never really know how things are going to unfold until you are in the moment. Adaptability, along with curiosity, will carry you through the day.

Some images. . .

5 thoughts on “Hands-On at Pratt

  1. Rebecca and Paul, Great job – looks like you guys had a lot of fun – the stampee/rollerprinters too! Roger

    • Thanks Roger! The people who came through the studio were so easy to work with and really got into the spirit of making. Just about everyone had some prior art experience (often printmaking, collage, quilting; more infrequently metal), which I found fascinating (art matters). I loved how everyone just fearlessly jumped right in–so much fun!!

    • Thanks Nancy! I requested 20-22 gauge disks, to better take the stamping and texturing, but what showed up in the order (which arrived an hour or so before the event–yikes!) was more like 24 gauge. . .really, really thin–but also great for distortion (“organic shapes!”) going through the rolling mill. What I most loved about the event was seeing the different approaches people took to the project and helping them get where they wanted to go with it. It was fast, but fun!

  2. I really enjoyed helping people find their inner artist during this event. It was not what I expected, but so much more than I could have imagined.

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