Snow Day

The neighborhood in monochrome

I love a snow day as much as the next person, but I often get a bit antsy if I can’t get outside. Earlier this morning, due to an impending ice storm, some online weather reports were advising that we stay indoors if possible–one danger being weighty snow and ice on the phone and power lines that might cause them to break.

Upon reading this, my thoughts naturally turned to Jimmy Webb’s classic Wichita Lineman. I was somewhat familiar with Glen Campbell’s version before I saw Freedy Johnston’s breathtaking cover of it at a small concert hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa years ago. In many ways, I prefer Freedy’s unadorned, guy-with-a-guitar cover, and how he slowed it down and added some melancholy. But you’ve got to love a good, upbeat Glen Campbell production, accompanied below by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra no less. . .

1 thought on “Snow Day

  1. Hey Rebbecca, Yesterday evening I saw 3 transformers blow up before the juice went away! Made it to my Dr. apt. today with the 4-wheel drive – down town not so bad but side roads up here are shitty.

    Love your picture – the madrona image is lovely.
    Stay Warm,

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