What’s Sitting on My Bench Top. . .

Wood work & gluing up. . .

Today was an off-schedule studio day. It almost always takes me a good while to get back in the groove, if there has been a break between studio time, but I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish today and I got right to work.

I really love maple. It doesn’t matter who tries to tempt me away with what gorgeous sample from another tree, I keep coming back to maple. (The three pieces in the photo that are in front of my ipod are maple.) One day last week, I worked with makore, seduced by its color (and really disappointed by its random fibrous patches). I ended that day with a nosebleed–a known “ill-effect” of this wood. Back to maple. . .

Singalong. . .new ipod speaker!

I often prefer to work in silence. I think of studio time as respite from the noise of the world. I like the quiet.

But there are many days when I like to sing along with 70s music, or just listen to some of my favorite artists, like Alexi Murdoch above.

Until very recently, I’ve had a radio/CD player, nothing special. Actually, it is special in that once I’ve played a CD beginning to end, I can’t play another for the rest of the day. It inevitably skips or jumps or stutters, irrecoverably. This leaves me with just radio stations–the exact noise I am trying to escape.

The other day, while out on an errand, I found the blue Lego-looking thing in the photo–it’s an ipod speaker! $10! Yes, the sound quality is only marginally better than that of a transistor radio, but I now have my entire music library at my fingertips! Autour de Lucie! David Grey! The Eagles! Steely Dan! Pete Yorn! Aimee Mann! Everything!

Life is good.