What’s Sitting on My Bench Top. . .

Yesterday was a productive studio day. I am getting closer to finishing several pieces that I’ve been carting back and forth for what feels like forever.

Waiting for shellac to dry

I’ve learned to just go with this, the on again, off again relationship I develop with most of the things I make. Part of this is due to my limited work time, and part of it is due to my waiting for the next step to emerge. . .I don’t always see pieces start to finish from the beginning. When I do, I try to work quickly towards the end. It’s a different satisfaction, this direct quest for “completitude,” as my good friend Roger would say. Mostly, though, work for me is winding, and a kind of dialogue.

I usually have a general sense of what I want to see, but am really open to the influence of process and material, and what they each have to say. I just have a really big curiosity about what happens when I’m working, and what is going to inform the next step.

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