Art Crush! Becca Chernow

Becca outside Pratt, being a good sport

This is glass artist Becca Chernow. She was teaching her cold working workshop this weekend while I was in Deborah Mersky’s clay printing workshop. We bumped into each other in the main building (actually, I unwittingly walked right through her impromptu classroom) and she stopped what she was doing to admire my haircut while I stopped to admire her rain boots.

Becca inaugurates Seattle Maker’s first Art Crush post.

What is an art crush? I first heard the term back when I was an art student at the University of Iowa. An art crush is when you love love love a fellow artist’s work. It’s a crush on the art. Though you need to like the artist, too. (I can’t own art made by someone I do not like. Cannot do it.) The work is the driver, is the main thing, is nearly all. And the mind of the maker, the skill of the maker, the fact that someone thought and took time to create X work–these all add necessary texture to the art crush.

Below is an image of Becca’s work that goes a long way towards explaining this art crush. Followed by an image, from my first blog post, of a re-created work from my childhood. Clearly, Becca and I are kindred spirits, and not just because we share the same name.

Made of glass! Becca Chernow’s macaroni necklace (also comes in rigatoni and mac & cheese orange color, with varying lengths)

A Re-creation, Rebbecca Tomas (rigatoni and yarn)