What’s Sitting on My Bench Top. . .

What's Sitting on My Bench Top, 11-03-12

Enamel pieces in various stages of completion, first round

I’ve been having fun playing around with color on these, but I am really looking forward to continuing enameling the larger shapes in–wait for it–whites and greys (next iteration).

Speaking of color, I recently painted half of my studio with my friend Paul’s help (and height). We ran out of time and, surprisingly, paint. I have a very, very small studio. One cheap gallon ought to cover it. But no. Not when you’re attempting to cover even cheaper paint and materials. Sigh.


Pale green: the new white

I took a chance and chose a color. When I went to find its matching chip at Fred Meyer, of course it was in with all the other. . .whites (“cool whites,” to be exact).

It took me a few days working in there to convince myself the walls really are green. (They really are.)