Everyday Adornment Matters

Road Captain Dan

This is Dan. I met him in Bellevue early yesterday morning. I was standing to the side of him at a Starbucks, admiring the patches on his jacket when it struck me how long it has been since I posted an everyday adornment image. I knew he’d be perfect, but the whole approach-a-complete-stranger-and-ask-to-photograph-him thing is sometimes a reach for me. We chatted about the weather and then he left with his drink while I waited for mine.

I decided that I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with him for a post. And so americano in hand, I headed across the parking lot. He was friendly, maybe a little surprised to see me again, and willing to participate. . .

Dan has been riding for 40 years, and is currently Road Captain for his particular chapter of riders (which numbers about 240). Check this out!:

Dan's Road Captain patch

He rode up from Federal Way to lead the ride. The parking lot by the Starbucks was the start point. He said it’s typical to get anywhere from 4-5 to upwards of 20 others on a ride, and you never know how many until that day. Among the riders, and in addition to him, there is always a Sweep, who rides last and makes sure the ride stays safe.

Because this post is about adornment, I asked him which is his favorite patch. He pointed to the one that says Wyatt Wilson, as it commemorates his son, who died of cancer. For the past 8 years, Dan has organized a ride in memory of his son. It benefits the Ronald McDonald House.

Patch commemorating Dan's son

Dan next to his ride

(No post about a motorcycle rider would be complete without an image of the rider and his bike.)

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