Everyday Adornment Matters

Michael with his chain mail

This is Michael Roush of Wolfwing Studios. I met him at Pratt’s Open House this past Saturday. He was totally decked out in chain mail that he made himself. Check out the back of his jacket:

More chain mail

So sculptural. And if all that weren’t impressive enough, there’s the squid on his shoulder:

A chain mail SQUID!

Clearly, this is a guy who loves chain mail of all kinds. I was happy to meet him in person because I had heard about him last year from Julia Harrison, who taught a chain mail workshop that he attended. I always like to connect with instructors after we’ve run a new class, to see how things went. And I remember her mentioning Michael—not by name, but by reference to how into chain mail he was, and how good he was at it.

Running into him at Open House was a bit like running into a unicorn–you’ve heard stories but aren’t quite sure what to think, and then unexpectedly, right before your very eyes, you see it: loads of chain mail worn by its maker. . .

Nicely done, Michael!