Hey, Why Not?: Found and Imagined Adornment at Pratt Fine Arts Center

For the past several years, I have been documenting ephemeral jewelry that I stumble across while out walking in the city. Sometimes, these pieces appear to me fully realized (Found Adornment), while other times, I see one or more elements in close proximity that suggest a relationship (given a little finessing) both to one another and to the body (Imagined Adornment).

I collect images of these pieces for my blog, and am particularly fascinated by the idea that each piece assumes a never-ending life online while its physical form is destined to deteriorate, sometimes moments after creation. How do we assign value to an object that doesn’t exist?

The moment the viewer sees and understands what each piece is, and visually places it on the human form, I consider it worn. In this way, this body of work is a triangular collaboration between maker, environment, and viewer–with each element necessary, and carrying equal weight.

Imagined Necklace 7, steel and string

We’ve got some extra space in our “hallway gallery” at Pratt, so I am filling it with images of Found and Imagined Adornment. On display some time this week through the end of the month.