Everyday Adornment Matters

Michael with his chain mail

This is Michael Roush of Wolfwing Studios. I met him at Pratt’s Open House this past Saturday. He was totally decked out in chain mail that he made himself. Check out the back of his jacket:

More chain mail

So sculptural. And if all that weren’t impressive enough, there’s the squid on his shoulder:

A chain mail SQUID!

Clearly, this is a guy who loves chain mail of all kinds. I was happy to meet him in person because I had heard about him last year from Julia Harrison, who taught a chain mail workshop that he attended. I always like to connect with instructors after we’ve run a new class, to see how things went. And I remember her mentioning Michael—not by name, but by reference to how into chain mail he was, and how good he was at it.

Running into him at Open House was a bit like running into a unicorn–you’ve heard stories but aren’t quite sure what to think, and then unexpectedly, right before your very eyes, you see it: loads of chain mail worn by its maker. . .

Nicely done, Michael!

Everyday Adornment Matters

Ruben, new to Seattle and out on the town

This is Ruben. I met him Saturday at Pratt during our Open House. I really liked his approach to his evening, and I especially enjoyed his adorning details–the gold wreathe was festive and pulled his look together, while the pulsating LED belt enhanced the drape of his toga and anchored him firmly in the here and now.

Ruben is a recent transplant from DC, “the other Washington.” And according to him, it is not uncommon to break out one’s toga from time to time there, either.