International District-ish


I have a different camera. It isn’t pocket size, like my old one, but it takes higher-res images. Trade-offs.

My old camera locked up one day at Golden Gardens and never worked again. That was a sad day. Followed by many sad months. And then I met my new camera (thanks Paul!). Now I only occasionally think of the old one, mostly when I am looking through my desk drawer for a stamp or something such. . .and there it is, in all its nonfunctioning glory.




What’s Sitting on My Bench Top


Every artist has a lot of stuff. It gets hauled to and from wherever in tool boxes and in backpacks, in panniers and in backseats. It’s always roughly 43 lbs of stuff. The number and kind of holding containers, and their content, vary by medium. The 43 lbs–that’s an unchanging given.